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Instructions for Laser Etched Memorials
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          Instructions for Laser Etched Memorials

Please email photo to:

1.  Please keep in mind that the image that is etched is only as good as the image provided. 
Many times we can clean up an image that is damaged; however poor quality, dark or blurry
pictures are NOT a good choice for your pet memorial.

 2. Pictures that have been printed by a computer are not recommended.  If this is the only
image you have, please be aware that an image scanned from a computer-generated photo
will result in a very poor quality etching.  When using a photo that is on a computer, we
recommend that you etiher e-mail the image, or save it to a CD using one the format listed below.

3.  How to scan an image:

      A. Set your image type or color to either 24 bit or 256 color.                                                                                                       

       B. Set your resolution to either 200 dpi or 300 dpi

       C.  Set your target scan size to at least as large as the image you are ordering or larger. 
If  you are ordering a 6x6 tile and your image size is a 3x2 wallet size, set your 
       scanner to scan the image to at least a 6x4 size.)

       D.  Turn off color correction.

       E.  If you have the option, se the usharp mask filter to medium

       F.  If you have trouble scanning in an image, please feel free to call or email me at: 

            208 403-5992,  or

4.   Saving your image to CD or to e-mail.  The format we prefer is Bitmap; however, we can also
      use the following formats:

     A. JPEG

     B. PDF

     C. GIF

     D. Tiff

     E. PCD

     F. PSP

     G. PSD

    Photos etch best on Absolute Black marble or granite, glass, some acrylics and wood.

5.What type of artwork do you need?

Almost any image, design or logo can be etched.

    Hard Print

    Original Photographs

    Original Art Work

    High quality art reproductions

6.  What Materials do you use?

Treasured Friend Memorials offers absolute black granite & absolute black marble.  We have a variety of

sizes  for you to choose from. 

7. Can you add color to an etching?  Etchings are in gray on black only.  We do not offer color at this time.

8.  Treasured Friend Memorials will guarantee our workmanship
We guarantee our product and workmanship to the best of our ability.  This does not include
poor quality or flawed photos provided by the customer.  (Please read customer responsibilities below)

9.  We will inform you if we feel the original photo provided will result in a poor quality
      finished product.

10.  If the customer specifies in writing that you want the original photo returned, we
       will return it.

11.  You will be provided with a proof or a similation of what the final product will look like.
As a valued customer, you will be able to approve of what your final product will look like before it is
actually made. If there are any mistakes, they will be corrected at that time, and you will then be presented
with another proof for approval.  We will continue this process until you are completely satisfied with your

12.  We will keep a back up photo on file for future orders.
We will keep a back up file of your photo and the approved image of your memorial.  This wil ensure
that you can have the product replaced or reproduced.  We will also supply you with the file number for
easy re-ordering.

                                      CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES
You will provide us with a good quality image with accurate instructions.

2.  You will inform us if you wish to have your original hard copy of image returned.

3.  Once you have given the final approval of your order similation or proof, via email, you assume
the responsibility for any mistakes on the final memorial.  Mistakes include but are not limited to: 
Misspelled words, scratches or blemishes on original photo, or poor quality images.  There are no
refunds on custom orders after the final memorial has beenlasered.  Please carefully proof your
similation before final cut is made.

Choose a fitting tribute to your pet or use one of our Sample Tributes

to make a personal memorial that will honor the memory of your loved one.

You may also choose the Font Style you would like on your memorial. 

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